Select Dance and Contemplative Organizations

Here is information about several dance and contemplative organizations that have been important to my work. I invite you to click on the organization names to visit their websites for additional information and resources.

Collegium for African Diaspora Dancedancing revelations cover

The Collegium for African Diaspora Dance (CADD) is an egalitarian community of scholars and artists committed to exploring, promoting, and engaging African diaspora dance as a resource and method of aesthetic identity.  Through conferences, roundtables, publications and public events we aim to facilitate interdisciplinary inquiry that captures the variety of topics, approaches, and methods that might constitute Black Dance Studies.

A diverse gathering of dance scholars and community members, The Collegium for African Diaspora Dance was conceptualized by its founding members and first convened in April 2012 as the African Diaspora Dance Research Group at Duke University.

Congress on Research in DanceCORDFinweb

The Congress on Research in Dance (CORD) is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides opportunities for dance professionals from a broad range of specialties to exchange ideas, resources, and methodologies through publication, international and regional conferences, and workshops. We encourage research in all aspects of dance and related fields and promote the accessibility of research materials.

CORD promotes a globally inclusive respectful dialogue around embodied and discursive approaches to dance research. Building on the rich legacy of dance scholarship, CORD advances innovative and creative understandings of dance. Through mentorship, advocacy, and outreach, CORD fosters an international community of current and future dance leaders.

Society of Dance History ScholarsSDHLogo-kp

Society of Dance History Scholars advances the field of dance studies through research, publication, performance, and outreach to audiences across the arts, humanities, and social sciences. As a constituent member of the American Council of Learned Societies, SDHS holds wide-ranging annual conferences; publishes new scholarship through its proceedings and book series; collaborates regularly with peer organizations in the U.S. and abroad; and presents yearly awards for exemplary scholarship, including the de la Torre Bueno Prize®.

Association for Contemplative Mind in Higher Educationlogo2012transparent

The Association for Contemplative Mind in Higher Education (ACMHE) is a multidisciplinary professional academic association with a membership of educators, scholars, and administrators in higher education. The ACMHE is an initiative of the Center for Contemplative Mind in Society, which since the mid-1990′s has advanced research and established the credibility of the benefits of contemplative higher 2012-tree2-800x810v2education. The Center has identified leading academics in the field, reached a broad constituency, and become the defining voice for contemplative practices as they specifically apply to higher education settings and pedagogical developments.

The ACMHE promotes the emergence of a broad culture of contemplation in the academy by connecting a network of leading institutions and academics committed to the recovery and development of the contemplative dimension of teaching, learning and knowing.

The Tree of Contemplative Practices is from the Center for Contemplative Mind in Society Website

Center for Courage & Renewallogo

When you’re committed to making the world a better place, it’s vital to align your daily life and work with your core values. We help you listen, live and lead with integrity so you can serve the world with courage. Especially useful when facing stressful demands of leadership and in times of transition, our unique, time-tested approach will give you new tools to build your capacity for resilience, be discerning in your choices, and engage the questions of your life with impeccable clarity. At the Center for Courage & Renewal, we offer online resources and in-person retreats and programs that will encourage, inspire and sustain you like nothing else.


The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you. Don’t go back to sleep.

 — Rumi