I am the Chair and Associate Professor of English at Spelman. My areas of focus are film and media studies. I am particularly interested in images of women as depicted in all forms of media. At the moment I am enamored of images of women of color in speculative fiction and film. I’ve just helped to found the Octavia E. Butler literary society. I maintain the OEB Society’s blog and you can connect with us at www.oebsociety.wordpress.com.

T E A C H I NG    P H I L O S O P H Y

When people ask me how long I’ve been teaching I find it really hard to give an answer. I actually remember the first day I ever prepared a lecture and a lesson plan. It was my first day of Headstart and I hurried home to share with my sister all that I had learned. I am sure I made her life pretty miserable until she started school a year later. Every evening I insisted she sit with crayons and paper and write the same numbers and letters I had that day. The lessons went on for years. My favorite was when I taught her the history of the Star Spangled Banner and helped her memorize every verse. I was so proud of us.



P A S S I O N (Girls With Healthy Self-Esteem)

Here is an excerpt from a website that houses information about the conference I facilitate called Mothering Our Daughters. My spring Images of Women in the Media class develops a conference for girls/mentees and mentors/mothers from the local community. Our guests join us for whole day in the spring and we all share what we know about the media and how it affects self-esteem. You can find the full program from last year’s conference at www.aechelon.org. The next event is April 25, 2015.

My position at a woman’s college, and in all the other capacities in which I mentor, affords me the opportunity to meet and mentor incredible young women from all over the world. Some of them have already had powerful women to walk with them and some of them have not. It is for the have-nots that I started this event.

The time to strengthen our daughters and sisters is not when they get to college, but from the very beginning. The time to build their self-esteem and root them deeply in the kind of history, knowledge and wisdom which will sustain them is every day. I am training my Spelman students to do this–to be elders. I am asking them to take the kind of responsibility for their gifts and talents which will create a lasting human legacy. They should always have a shadow who will live and breathe beyond them.

APA Advocacy Against Sexualization Summit


F A V O R I  T E   P L A C E  (Between the pages of a book).

My love affair with words also started shortly before that initial foray into teaching. I was four when I wrote my first song. It was for my teenaged aunt who had just had her heartbroken. After that I wrote poetry and short short stories and eventually a dissertation. Now I squeeze the creative writing in between the academic. You can find my creative work under my pen name: Carolina Knight.


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