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Developmental Psychology 

This course takes a multidisciplinary and multicultural approach to how and why people change from conception through adulthood and dying. It involves an 8 week (2 hours per week) service-learning requirement at a local agency where you will have the opportunity to observe and apply life-span concepts, theories and principles and learn from those you are serving. A primary emphasis of this course is on how various contexts directly and indirectly influence human development at different stages of the life span.

Theory of Psychometric Instruments 

Theory of Psychometric Instruments is designed to: (a) teach the important methodological considerations for test construction and administration, (b) teach proper techniques for evaluating the suitability of tests for particular purposes, (c) discuss the various uses of psychological testing, and (d) discuss several of the more widely-used psychometric instruments. In addition, this course reviews the history of formal psychological testing, with special emphasis on culture, gender, and class biases. In meeting these goals, you will be required to do extensive reading as well as a major project. This course is designed to enhance critical thinking skills regarding psychometric principles. By the completion of the course you will be an informed consumer– test user or test taker– of psychological tests and measurements.

Honors Seminar in Psychology

This course is designed for College honors students who are majoring in psychology as well as for other qualified psychology majors (3.2 GPA in psychology and cumulative GPA) who may be seeking departmental honors.  The course focuses on the development and use of psychological sources and other topics and requires students to read extensively, to write papers and reports on their readings, and to discuss the readings and reactions to them.  The Primary Advisor will work with you on topic selection so that an appropriate research problem will evolve by the end of the semester.

The prerequisite for the course is completion of Psychology 305 (Research Design) with a grade of “C or better.  Entry into the course is determined through an application process which will be reviewed by the departmental honors committee.  Students accepted will be notified in the Fall Semester in time for Spring Semester preregistration.


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