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Through a host of traditional donor advancement efforts and digital crowdfunding strategies, including paid advertising, content marketing, and social media, we will do the following:
• Blend traditional fundraising efforts with digital strategies to drive leads and conversions for your Virtual Eminence
• Assist in building your community and raise your brand awareness to ensure VE receives the best results for its crowdfunding campaign
• Endeavor to turn early adopters into loyal backers and then inspire audiences by building your brand post-crowdfunding
• Disseminate standard donation requests, individual sponsor requests and corporate donation requests to major associations in the Atlanta area with vested interest in the content promoted by VE
• Capitalize on Facebook’s Fundraiser Tool Offerings
• Connect with media programs at local colleges, i.e. Clark Atlanta University’s media program, Morehouse College’s film program, Spelman College’s new Film program with Julie Dash as a visiting professor, Clayton State University’s Georgia Film Academy, Lisa Williams’ Open Rivers Film Program at Pinewood Studio, etc.
• Collaborate with local nonprofits committed to fostering relationships with companies like VE

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