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C350 Spelman Lane SW, Box. 376
Spelman College,
Atlanta GA 30314
Email: mtesemma@spelman.edu
Phone: 404-270-5840


April 2010 – present  —  Associate Professor, Mathematics, Spelman College, Atlanta GA, USA
Fall 2007                       —  Visiting assistant professor at University of Florida.
2004 – 2010                — Assistant Professor, Mathematics, Spelman College, Atlanta GA, USA
2000 – 2004               — Teaching Assistant, Temple University, Philadelphia PA, USA


  • PhD  in Mathematics (2004) — Temple University, Philadelphia, USA.
  • Graduate Diploma in Mathematics (1999) The International Center for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy.
  • B.S. & M.S.  Mathematics (1992 / 97) — Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia.  


I have taught a wide range of courses at Spelman from introductory level college algebra, precalculus & calculus sequences to upper level theory courses such as abstract algebra, real variables, complex variables and topology.  



My area of research is in algebra, more specifically invariant theory and computational commutative algebra. I am also interested in ordered algebraic structures such as lattice ordered groups and Riesz spaces.


  1. A topological structure on certain initial algebras, (with S. Anderson, A. Smith, P. Stewart, and J. Usatine).  Submitted for publication.
  2. Intersections of rational parameterized plane curves, (with H. Wang).  European Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, vol.7, no. 2, (2014)  191-200.
  3. Inversion of rational surfaces parameterizable by quadratics (with H. Wang).  International Electronic Journal of Algebra, vol.13 (2013)  69-75.
  4. Archimedean orders on certain rings of invariants” (with H. Wang).  Algebra Colloquium vol.18 (2011), 289 – 300.
  5. On initial algebras of multiplicative invariants.  Journal of Algebra, vol.320 (2008),  1851 – 1865.
  6. Bazzoni’s  conjecture, (with C. Holland, J. Martinez, and W. McGovern.  Journal of  Algebra vol.320 (2008), 1764 – 1768.
  7. On implicitization of certain monomial parametric surfaces, (with H. Wang).  JP Journal of Algebra Number Theory and Applications 9 (2007), 277 – 291.
  8. Implicit equation of plane parametric curves, (with H. Wang).   Journal of Applied Algebra and Discrete Structures vol.5 (2007), 155 – 162.
  9. On multiplicative invariants of finite reflection groups.  Communications in Algebra vol.35 (2007), 2258 – 2274.

      Work in Progress:

  1.   Classification of monomial orders via hyperplanes, (with Haohao Wang.)
  2. On SAGBI bases for subalgebras with two generators, (with Berhanu B.)
  3. The Gröbner fan of twisted multiplicative invariants.


Research Experience with Undergraduates.

  •  I am actively engaged in mentoring students on several independent study and research projects. So far I have supervised more than 18 students.
  •  In collaboration with math faculty from Clemson University we were awarded a two year NSF grant to conduct Summer REU for 2012 and 2013.
  •  Served as a judge at several Math and Engineering fairs in Georgia including;  The Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, and the Georgia Science and Engineering Fair.


   Awards / Recognition

Spelman College Presidential Awards (Sept. 2008)

A certificate and monetary award from President of Spelman College for Scholarly achievement.

 Certificate of Outstanding Research by a Graduate Student (May 2004)

 A certificate and monetary award from Temple University, College of Science and Technology, for outstanding PhD thesis by a graduate student.

 Academic Excellence Award (Nov. 1997)

 A certificate and monetary award from the Ethiopian Scientific Society, Addis Ababa University. The Society gave these awards to students who excel in academic performance in science and engineering.


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