Morgann Adams (c'2017) and Thaiesha Wright (c'2015)

Morgann is currently completing her studies with the expectation of entering medical school. Thaiesha is currently a doctoral student in chemistry at Miami University in Ohio,

The Einstein Memorial

Students prepare to spend the summer in France and Belgium during the 2014 pre-departure meeting.

Brittany Rhodes, C'2011

Brittany earned her MS in pharmacology from NYU.

Chyree Batton, C'2009

Chyree earned a PhD in Organic Chemistry at LSU.

Pilanda Watkins-Curry, C'2011

Pilanda completed her PhD in Inorganic Chemistry at LSU.

Sandra Jones, C'2011

Sandra is completing her PhD in Neuroscience at Rockefeller University

Infinitely Valuable

"That's the story of Spelman College: that unyielding presumption of promise, that presumption of brilliance, that presumption that every woman who enrolls at this school has something infinitely valuable to offer this world." --First Lady Michelle Obama, Spelman College Commencement 2011

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