Artist Statement

Telfair Back ShotAntique furniture is a recurring object in Scott-Felder’s drawings, sculptures and installations. The delicate objects often where reserved for individual guests or special occasions in her mother’s home. Scott-Felder explores utilizing found objects to transform corners and walls into psychological spaces suggestive of childhood stories of Harriet Tubman, a maternal figure, and ancestral narratives.

As a performance artist, the body becomes a catalyst for altering the social dynamic of a space. Every aspect of my presence is considered important to the ephemeral work, from the posture of my walk, to the details within the vintage clothing (inspired by the drawings of chairs). Whether the audience is inside of a gallery or outside on a sidewalk, my presence silently demands attention through slow and graceful movements. Upon the performances’ completion the physical and social-self  (or character) creates a psychological mark within the space and in the audience.

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