About Andrea Lewis

Andrea Lewis, PhD is an educator who values and models academic excellence. After perfecting the skill of teaching her dolls with an easel and confiscated worksheets from her mother’s classroom, Dr. Lewis graduated summa cum laude from Spelman College. She also earned a Master of Science from the University of Pennsylvania and a Doctorate of Philosophy from Georgia State University.  Additionally, Dr. Lewis completed a Certificate of Theology and Ministry from Princeton Theological Seminary.

Dr. Lewis works in her professional career and personal endeavors to ensure that all children receive a strong educational foundation in their early years. Her professional experiences include elementary school teacher, public and private school administrator, and college faculty.  Currently as an Assistant Professor and Chair of the Education Department at Spelman College, Dr. Lewis instills passion and purpose in her students who are future educators. She believes that educators must instruct from the heart with passion and purpose to help all students reach their highest academic and personal potential.

As evidence of Dr. Lewis’ commitment to preparing teachers with global competence and cultural relevance, she organized Spelman’s first faculty-led trip to Havana, Cuba in December 2015 with 19 students to examine the historical, cultural, economic, and political understandings of schooling and education from a global perspective. Twenty-two students traveled to Cuba in December 2016. Dr. Lewis has been instrumental in sustaining and developing diversity partnerships for teacher candidates at both Spelman and Morehouse Colleges at local and national P-12 and collegiate institutions.

Dr. Lewis has published two books Preservice Teachers, Social Class, and Race in Urban Schools: Experiences and Strategies for Teacher Preparation (Palgrave Macmillanand Valerie’s New Friends (Rathsi Publishing), as well as book chapters entitled Perseverance: The Dream Will Not Be Deferred and Boundary Crossing: Social Class and Race in the Classroom.  Refereed articles include Enacting Diversity in a Single Gender Liberal Arts HBCU Educator Preparation Program (co-authored) and Are White Child Development Theorists Relevant to 21st Century Black Children.

Dr. Lewis has received awards of distinction for exemplary community service and excellence in education from organizations including: Atlanta Public Schools; National Alumnae Association of Spelman College (national and Atlanta Chapter); Southeast Region of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated; Metropolitan Atlanta Chapter of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women; United Negro College Fund; Turner Broadcasting; and, Outstanding Atlanta.



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